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Get reviews on Bizsearch Kenya

Get reviews on Bizsearch Kenya

Once you’ve created your Bizsearch account and business profile! There aren’t any extra steps to verify your business.

But, in order to help your business listing on Bizsearch Kenya get viewed by potential customers in your community, you’ll want to get some reviews on your listing.

Here are a few ways to can get reviews on Bizsearch:

  • Ask customers for reviews. When someone is super happy about the product(s) and service they received, let them know that you’re on Bizsearch Kenya and would love their feedback on your profile.

  • Share your Bizsearch Kenya profile on social media. You can throw a quick post together with something like, “Did you know we’re on Bizsearch Kenya? If we’ve worked with you, we would love a review to let us know how we did!” Be sure to include the link to your profile.

  • Send review invitations to customers via email or text. When you go to your Bizsearch Kenya business page, there is an option to write Reviews. Copy and send your link to send customers directly to your listing.

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